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Vacation Bible School from One Story Ministries

Introducing the Scottish Sleuths VBS Series

a VBS series designed to disciple children in the gospel of Jesus Christ
through a 5-day interactive study of God’s Word

Distinctives about our VBS Series


Christ-centered, Gospel-driven, theologically Reformed


In-depth Bible Lesson and Bible Application times


Interactive class discussion in an open Q&A format


Maximizes the time with profound and applicable truths


Reduces amount of “busy work” by not using a worksheet approach


Does not overload with too many activities or competitions


Designed to be easy to prepare and to teach


Created with all age groups in mind for thoughtful application


Go undercover with our Super Sleuth Angus McTavish and Professor Dabney Thornwell to solve exciting Bible cases.

Our VBS series offers ten unique Bible cases, five Old Testament and five New Testament,
all pointing to the One Story of redemption in Jesus Christ!

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Hidden Hero

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Puzzling Parables

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Baffling Beginnings

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Mystifying Miracles

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Wilderness Wanderers

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Disciples’ Distinctives

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Cardiac Crusader

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Titanic Transformation

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Faithful Fighter

The Scottish Sleuths

and The Case of the Evangelical Encounters


Every Scottish Sleuths Case is divided into 5 Daily Themes

SAMPLE: The Scottish Sleuths
and the Case of the Wilderness Wanderers


Theme: God’s people are DELIVERED from slavery
Bible Text: Exodus 12:31-42; 13:17-22; 14:1-31
Scripture Memory: Psalm 18:2-3


Theme: God’s people are DEPENDENT on God’s provision
Bible Text: Exodus 15:22-27; 16:1-26; 17:1-16
Scripture Memory: Psalm 121:1-4


Theme: God’s people receive DIRECTION from God
Bible Text: Exodus 19:1-25; 20: 1-26
Scripture Memory: Psalm 119:105; 111-112


Theme: God’s people are DISCIPLINED by God
Bible Text: Exodus 32:1-35
Scripture Memory: Proverbs 3:11-12


Theme: God’s people need God to DWELL among them
Bible Text: Exodus 33:1-23; 40:34-38
Scripture Memory: Review all memory verses


VBS students go through rotations
in a unique schedule each day


Opening Program/Skit

The VBS students begin the day as a large group. The opening program includes the Scottish Sleuths skit, opening prayer, singing, and announcements.

Icebreaker/Bible Lesson

The VBS students are welcomed, interact with an icebreaker question each day, and study the Bible Lesson together.


The VBS students enjoy a snack and some fellowship. This is also a time to have further conversations about the Bible Lesson.


A time to learn the VBS songs (chosen by each church) is provided to train children to be worshipers of God as well as grow in their love for Him.


The crafts team leads the students in craft activities that will tie in to the themes and daily lessons (included in the Director’s Manual).

Bible Application

The Bible Lesson is applied to the lives of the students through three application points each day.


The recreation team leads the children in either indoor or outdoor games for recreation and fellowship.

Bible Memory

The VBS students work on memorizing the assigned Scripture passage using a different activity method each day.

Closing Program

The VBS students end the day as a large group. The closing program consists of singing and other activities that tie the day together.

bible content

Digging Deep into God’s Word

Investigating God’s Word with the Scottish Sleuths

Daily Bible Lessons

The VBS students study God’s Word together. They are not instructed with paraphrases or summaries of stories, but with the pure Word of God. They read from the Bibles and have conversations about the text.

They are taught to investigate the text and rightly understand and interpret the text. The students dig deep into the Holy Scriptures, which the Holy Spirit uses to changes hearts and minds.

Daily Bible Application

From observation and interpretation comes the opportunity for application. VBS students are led to apply God’s Word to their lives, in their own unique circumstances.

They are both evangelized and discipled in the process. Each day, there are three main applications points with many interactive questions attached. The VBS students are called to not only grow in their love for God and His Word, but learn to live out God’s Word as well.

Daily Bible Memory

It is essential that the VBS students learn to hide God’s Word in their hearts so they can resist the evil one as well as their own sinful hearts. They have the opportunity to build a Biblical library in their minds that God will use to bring them to salvation and sanctify them as followers of Christ.

The Bible Memory time uses various activities to make it easier to memorize Scripture. The students are sent home with Bible memory cards so that they can study on their own and interact with their parents.

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